Sign in or log in to see if there are any unread emails? In Outlook – known as Hotmail – you need to sign in to access your inbox with all your emails – read and unread. Prepare your e-mail address to sign in, it’s similar to,, or other regional versions of Outlook, you’ll need to enter it on the official Outlook / Hotmail site. login

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Hotmail / Outlook login:

How can i log into my hotmail account? Don’t worry, below is a guide to safe logging in!

Outlook is the same service if you log in to or to check your mail, both have the same features. Hotmail was a pioneer in free email services, founded in 1995 and acquired by Microsoft in 1997. You can access Hotmail / Outlook using a PC with a web browser or a mobile phone through the official iOS/Android applications. In Accounts & Sessions we will guide you at all times so that you can access your mailbox.

Hotmail sign in, from the Web or a PC

Outlook / Hotmail has a unique online service, so most users access the mail service through your website using a browser such as “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave or others” (from any mobile device or computer). Then, follow the next steps to access from the browser:

  1. Go to or and click on “Login”. If you’ve signed in before, the system will automatically send you to the address (the same service) to sign in.
  2. Enter your email address and click “Next”.
  3. Enter your usual password and press “Login”. If this is your usual device, you can check “Keep me signed in”, this way you won’t be asked for your login details again and you’ll be automatically logged in to your inbox.
  4. There! You’ve just accessed your mailbox.

Hotmail login / inbox

Log in directly to your Outlook or Hotmail e-mail, and then sign in from the Web. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll appear in your inbox with your incoming messages. Always remember that you can add the access url to your favorites bar, so it’s just a matter of pressing it for quick access. Here are the steps to access your email inbox:

  1. Go to to sign in to your Outlook or Hotmail service.
  2. Enter your email, password, and press “Sign in.
  3. That’s it! You’ll be able to see the inbox of your Outlook email account.

In the unlikely event that the above does not happen, you can try to access or by clicking on “Inbox” on the left side of the panel. This will force the browser to go to your mailbox.

Hotmail login/ Outlook with the mobile application (Android/iOS)

Outlook (or commonly Hotmail) allows you to sign in from any mobile device, whether Android or iOS, provided you first download the official Outlook application. To download, install, and sign in to Outlook with your mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Download the official Outlook application:
  2. Install the application and then open it. To continue, press “Introduction”.
  3. In “Add account” you must enter your Outlook email address (although it also supports mail from other services, such as “Gmail”, “Yahoo” and even your domain’s own mail server -POP/SMTP-), press “Continue”.
  4. Enter your email password and press the “Sign In” button.
  5. You will be asked if you want to add more accounts, if not, press the “Skip” button.
  6. Congratulations! In a few seconds you will be in your Outlook inbox.

Once you add your Outlook or Hotmail account, it’s important that you turn on notifications to get notified of incoming mail so you don’t have to log in each time to see if you’ve received new mail. You can also sign in or turn on notifications from your mobile browser by going to and signing in.

Problems logging in?

Can’t log in to your account? Many users have problems from time to time when trying to access their account, if you’re one of them, don’t worry, we have the solution! The most common case is losing your password or email, among others, but in almost all cases, you’ll be able to recover your account as long as you’ve included recovery information when you register your account. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • I forgot my password: if you have entered your password several times and you get an error when trying to access your emails, you may have forgotten your correct password. The solution to reset your password can be found at, there you can enter the information necessary to reset your password and reactivate your account.
  • I do not receive the security code: you have tried to recover your access but you do not receive the email or SMS message to verify your identity. In this case go to, enter your email and click “I don’t have any of these tests” to proceed and regain access to your account.
  • Account blocked for 1 month: If access has been attempted from another location or Microsoft believes your privacy has been violated, it may deny you access for 30 days for security reasons. This doesn’t usually happen, but there are exceptions.
  • Two-step verification enabled: If you have “Two-step verification” enabled, you will not be able to sign in unless you type in the code that is generated randomly. The solution would be to try to use the application’s password to log in or to download an application that generates codes for such verification, although you will have to identify yourself to do so as well.
  • Blocked user profile: Outlook disables accounts that have violated its service rules. If you want to recover your account, you must request verification via SMS message to validate your identity and reactivate access to your account.
  • Questionable sign-in from another location or device: Outlook might think that someone else is trying to access your account, either because of suspicious activity, an attempt to access it from an unknown device or from an “unusual” location, which is why it automatically blocks it. To regain access to your account, you’ll need to prove to Microsoft that it is your account by validating your identity by using your recovery phone number or secondary email to regain your email access.

If you still have questions, see our article on recovering an Outlook account, where we discuss the most practical methods for quickly recovering an account.

Safety Tips for Sign in Hotmail

Most account thefts in Outlook (even from any service that requires protected access) happen because of users’ own misdirection when they log in. The security of our access to log in should always be kept in mind, so that we avoid losing -or preventing the theft of- important accounts or accesses. Here are some security tips:

  • Check the address of the service before entering: look at the web address, it must be the official Microsoft one. It has the following possible variants:,,,, or also subdomains like: login, account or (change the “x” for the urls you saw before, example; If you see any changes like the inclusion of numbers or something like or don’t enter, you could be a victim of pishing!
  • Up-to-date Antivirus and Antimalware: if you have antivirus/antimalware, you can scan your device periodically and remove possible programs that try to save your login details or private information. Be careful! these programs/viruses can detect what you write and steal your passwords.
  • Sign out: If you don’t own the computer or device, or are on a trip, sign out when you don’t need to use Outlook anymore, remember that anyone who uses the device again may be able to access your email account!
  • Change your password several times: change your password every month or from time to time, remember to use numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters or special symbols, this will make it difficult for someone else to try to access your account! You can also read our guide to changing your Hotmail password.
  • Encrypt your connection with a VPN if your WIFI network is not the usual one: if you’re travelling, working in cafes or public libraries, you should know that anyone connected to the same Internet network as you could be watching the traffic for sensitive data or passwords. Be careful, to encrypt all the data coming from your device.

Microsoft cares a lot about the security of your data and your Hotmail / Outlook account, but it is important that you always try to be vigilant as well to avoid security issues.

What is Outlook and how it differs from Hotmail

Outlook is managed by more than 500 million email accounts, including 300 million, and is Microsoft’s most popular service, providing sign-in access to OneDrive, Skype, Office and many more.

If you have an account with an address, you’ll have noticed that since 2012 Microsoft has strengthened the brand of its mail manager called “Outlook” and merged it with the Hotmail service, ending its merger in April 2013. Microsoft’s email service has been called very differently in the past, using names like Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail up to the current one:, so it won’t be uncommon to see the Hotmail brand in some of these domains:

  • The domain and brand is owned by Microsoft, and it’s not unusual to see mail in Outlook with addresses like or (the regional version for Spain).
  • When you enter, you’ll see Outlook appear among other Windows services because it’s part of the collection of services from MSN, which is short for “The Microsoft Network,” created in 1995. In addition, is a news service with regional versions.
  • The most popular brand, founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, which began offering its services in mid-1996.
  • current version, when you create a new account you can use the domain
  • Windows’ main website, as you’ve seen that all the services are connected, it’s not unusual to be asked for your credentials in Hotmail or Outlook at some point to use them.

There are country or regional domains owned by Microsoft, some are:


From any of these domains/countries you can create an account to access your regional e-mail address. Avoid entering domains other than those listed in this article, so your Microsoft account is never compromised.